Make an application for a Wedding Licence

Make an application for a Wedding Licence

To obtain hitched in Nova Scotia, you’ll want a married relationship Licence before a marriage is had by you ceremony. The licence is legitimate for a few months through the date it is granted.

You’ll want a wedding Licence to have hitched in Nova Scotia. You want the licence just before have actually a married relationship ceremony.

Having a wedding licence does not mean you’re married. This means you’re permitted to get hitched. The licence is legitimate for a couple of months through the date it is granted.

Marriage service

It is possible to look for a spiritual or ceremony that is civil.

A spiritual agent that you choose may perform the spiritual ceremony. The representative requirements to be registered with Vital Statistics.

A justice for the peace or judge may perform the ceremony that is civil they’re registered with Vital Statistics.

You’ll want 2 folks who are at the very least 16 years witness that is old ceremony.

Certification of wedding

At the time of the ceremony, your spiritual agent, justice associated with comfort or judge will provide you a memento certification. This document just isn’t appropriate proof wedding.

After a wedding is registered, it is possible to submit an application for a marriage that is official, which can be appropriate evidence of wedding.

Engaged and getting married outside Nova Scotia

If you should be intending to get hitched away from Nova Scotia, you ought to contact the jurisdiction where in actuality the wedding ceremony will require spot for certification and registration needs.


You could get hitched in Nova Scotia if you’re 19 or older and never presently hitched. You will need a consent that is signed if you’re 17 or 18. You can’t get hitched if you’re 16 or more youthful.

Both individuals engaged and getting married need certainly to finish the Marriage Licence Application and Affidavit Form. The Affidavit Form should be witnessed by an authorized representative. If both events aren’t open to use in individual, contact Vital Statistics. You are able to make an application for a licence and acquire hitched in Nova Scotia even though you don’t reside in the province.

Just how to use

  1. See Access Nova Scotia or even an issuer that is deputy of Licences in your community.
  2. Complete the application form form you are given by them.
  3. Check out the application for information on all required supporting documents.
  4. Include payment together with your application.
  5. Offer your completed application, supporting documents and re payment towards the Deputy Issuer.
  6. The Deputy Issuer gives you a wedding Licence.
  7. Provide your wedding Licence to your spiritual agent, justice associated with the comfort or judge ahead of the wedding ceremony.

Just how long it requires

You need to obtain the licence immediately. It could take more time if more details is required or if your type hasn’t been filled in precisely.

Task Fee
Licence $132.70

re Payment choices

Visa, MasterCard, United states Express, debit card, cheque, cash purchase, cash. a money or cheque purchase ought to be made payable to your Minister of Finance. Re Payment choices can vary greatly according to the method that you use.

Before starting

Be sure you have:

  • finalized bit of government-issued recognition and evidence of age both for people engaged and getting married
  • evidence of breakup if either individual getting married is divorced (Certificate of Divorce or Decree Absolute), together with the affidavit
  • evidence of death if either individual engaged and getting married is widowed
  • written permission of one’s moms and dads or guardians, if needed (the Deputy Issuer gets the required consent forms)

Connect with get hitched at a Registry workplace


You and your partner must attend an interview and lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage if you intend to get married at a Registry Office, at least a month before the ceremony. The Notice stays legitimate for approximately 1 . 5 years.

You are able to lodge your Notice and book a consultation to go to a job interview at:

  • Chippendale Registry Workplace
  • Parramatta Registry Workplace
  • Wollongong Provider Centre.


  • The age that is marriageable 18 years. If somebody, perhaps perhaps not yet 18, desires to marry ahead of their eighteenth birthday, just a court empowered to offer a ‘Section 12’ order will give authority for the wedding to be solemnised.
  • 2 individuals aged under 18 years aren’t allowed to marry one another.
  • A Notice of Intended Marriage could be lodged before the 18th birthday celebration, so long as the wedding does occur following the birthday celebration.

Things you need

    the PDF forms:

      ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’

    ‘Registry Marriage & Certificate Application’.

  • usage of a printer
  • your re re payment
  • your individual and contact information
  • your initial delivery certificates, or passport/s that is original created offshore. If they are an additional language, they need to be formally translated into English by the authorised interpreter/translation solution.
  • if either celebration happens to be formerly hitched, proof of the termination for the marriage with either an authentic divorce proceedings certification (if divorced) or an authentic death certification (if widowed). Certificates in a language should be translated into English by an authorised interpreter/translation solution.
  • Note: Photocopies of documents aren’t accepted.

    Just how to use

    1. Check out the eligibility demands.
    2. Down load and complete: a. Notice of Intended Marriage – PDFb. Registry Marriage & Certificate Application – PDF.
    3. Gather together the documentation that is necessary.
    4. Find the ‘Book a scheduled appointment’ key.
    5. Enter the needed information.
    6. Attend your chosen registry office or your Wollongong Service Centre visit.
    7. Lodge your Notice and applications with payment, and verify the time and date for the ceremony.

    Additional information

    • A Notice of Intended Marriage is valid for approximately 18 months.
    • The lodgement cost is non-refundable.
    • If you want aid in preparing your Registry marriage ceremony, complete the wedding that is online kind, together with Registry can get in touch with wife bride you.

    re Payment techniques

    It is possible to review deal re re payment choices on our re re re payment techniques web page.

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